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Poster: bbbrew Date: Oct 27, 2010 9:51pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Is this true?

"Bob Weir's parents paid for all the amps, PA, instruments etc that Garcia, Lesh, and everyone else used? Is that true?"

I know that I have read this is true, in their early days, but I can't find it right now. Maybe when Dana Morgan Jr. left the Warlocks and his dad, Dana Sr. took back the equipment.
"Garcia was forced to ask his mother, with whom he had very little contact during that period, to help him buy a guitar and amp, and to her eternal credit, she agreed."(Blair Jackson, Grateful Dead Gear, pg. 12) Maybe the Weir family helped with the rest of the equipment?

"Did Bobby's wealthy parents support his "Counter Culture Elvis persona"?

I would hope so, thats what good parents do.

"Did Bob's Family have a hand in it?"

If so, props to them. We have all reaped the benefits.

"Did Bobby live with a silver spoon the whole time, while the fans lived out of VW Buses eating sprouts and tofu?"

Maybe he did start out with a "silver spoon" so to speak. That what parents do. Work hard to try to give their kids opportunities and a good start in life. Seems to me he worked to create his own "silver spoon" too. It's all about what you do with the spoon. Life on the road as a musician is not always a party and popsicles in summer. I met many a tour rat that lived out of VW Buses and ate nothing but sprouts and tofu because their parents did not supply them with a decent home or food, so they made their own way. Sad, but props to them.

"Is this another case of a rich kid jerking off the masses?"

No. He's just the rhythm guitarist for the "best fucking rock and roll band in the world." The example you offer of a rich kid jerking off the masses would be more like a shrubby politrickster type of person.